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Oklahoma State University

Dr. Davis, Randall

Dr. Randall Davis
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
Director, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
Neuroinflammation Research Laboratory
1111 West 17th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107

Research Interests:

My research interests have always centered on neuroinflammation. Thus, our efforts are focused on understanding the neuroinflammatory events associated with CNS disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, HIV-dementia and mood/behavior disorders. We are particularly interested in inflammatory signaling in astrocytes and microglia and modulation of these signaling events by drugs of abuse and other pharmacologic agents. In our most recent investigations, we discovered that β-funaltrexamine (FNA), a selective, mu-opioid receptor (MOR) antagonist, has anti-inflammatory actions in vitro and in vivo. However, these anti-inflammatory actions are not related to classically defined actions through MOR. Our current efforts are therefore directed at identifying the mechanism of action for these anti-inflammatory effects of β-FNA in order to open a new line of inquiry into the potential of β-FNA (or modified forms of this compound) as an inhibitor of neuroinflammation to be included in combination drug treatment of neurologic diseases, in particular major depressive disorders.

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